Guest post by Chris Day. The Trimet board meeting part 5 with Neal Berlin. Son of Hightower was right all along. I come to Emeryville, which apparently is not a good station experience, and then get a ticket for Oakland. The second thing that came up was a simple conversation in the mall. Nobody really knew for sure if the executive management would sink so low to actually implement this.

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Tuesday, November 7, More on Jeff Roberts.

It was an American accent, likely of the east coast with a little southern thrown in. Posted by Jason McHuff at 3: Jarrett Walker at the Trimet board part 2. Friday, November 24, From the drivers side. Meanwhile, I get put on hold a few and she works diligently to fix the tickets and reservation. Nobody really knew for sure if the executive management would sink so low to actually implement this.

This is the unedited data pack video. It did show up on the news, trivialized http: Monday, September 11, Trimet was a key component In ruining Portland.

I finally arrived later in the day to where I was staying and called Amtrak at 10pm. I already know the truth about government. Will they become common place?


In the end, even with the debacle I was fighting earlier this week, I come out on top with time saved, not stressing over travel arrangements, ticket problems or otherwise. Sock puppet debate on fare enforcement with commentary. ramtings

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Kif Davis at the Trimet board meeting today. The union was involved there. The clerk also reported the train 20 minutes late. Sunday, September 9, Stop ripping off Trimet bus operators.

Posted by Al M at The Trimet board meeting part 5 with Neal Berlin. As a retiree I don’t get to vote on these contracts, even though the contracts affect me and other retirees rangings. While those errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans. Wednesday, November 1, Trimet Deacon in Blue has his book out. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Thursday, July 19, Trimet board meeting part ttimet with Neal Berlin.

RANTINGS OF A FORMER TRIMET BUS DRIVER: Buses and Rail Vehicles in Eugene

I knew they would see this silly mess and fix it. The clerks are working, while a third employee sits behind them bitching and whining about how she got a customer complaint from someone. Another Trimet driver achieves social media stardom. Posted by Al M at 8: Overall, I blame the leadership at this level only a small bit. These people did not need to do this, there was ranhings law or rantingss, there was no omniscient being manipulating their actions, there was simply a desire to help out each other, each of us and our fellow citizens and even — what might have been — non-citizens.


Lawless Trimet fascism pic. It appears that trimet has screwed its operators out 1 week of hold back vacation. A executive management that reaps in obscene salaries and pensions and doles out billions in corporate welfare while letting riders rot waiting for buses and trains that never show up due to malfunctioning equipment.

This inherently bleeds over to Trimet in a large way.