Guest post by Chris Day. The clerks are working, while a third employee sits behind them bitching and whining about how she got a customer complaint from someone. Last night dispatch sent a BDS message reminding us about pulling forward to 1st position while on layover and the open door policy. Two things that put me at odds with the general populace, which is not in good shape and does not have a respective tolerance for cold. No mechanical, trespassing , sleepers or lost and found etc. Like, hire date for example, like the rest of the world does it.

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The ticket clerks, at least in the Pacific Northwest are always nice and at worst, respectful in their interactions with me. Its getting harder and harder to find reasons to continue paying dues to a union that doesn’t allow me representation and subjects the majority to minority rule. Trimet gestapo arrest pacifist Eli Richey. Monday, October 23, Trimet sock puppets meeting this wednesday. I guess riders have to die to get coverage in the media. Tuesday, November 14, ATU changes the voting rules.

In NovemberTriMet rantings of a trimet bus its zero tolerance policy for bus rantings of a trimet bus using mobile phones.

It appears to me that the only changes that Trimet wants is to contract out a bunch of jobs that were union employees previously. So lets see who’s on the corporate Trimet welfare list this month. Impossible to keep up with all the rsntings.


Yes Do I think TriMet is doing a good job as a whole with the revenue they take in and from taxes? Posted by Al M at 9: Blaming one self first is ridiculous, the first thing to do is to try and determine what the problem is.

I have my own version of a Trimet horror story but compared to stories like the two below mine is pretty mild. For those of you who don’t ranting the world of transit as closely as I do let me refresh your memory.


KPTV does a Trimet ad. They used trimt allow 2 weeks hold back now they only allow one. Portland Leadership Mayor, etc is not even attempting to make Trimet run lean.

Wednesday, June 20, Calls June Union meetings usually get between people. Rantings of a trimet bus, December 28, Trimet December board meeting part 4. Dispatch Control April Sunday, July 22, Classic dispatch.

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rantings of a trimet bus From the Driver Side: Today I needed to make a trip out to pick up Lego supplies. Tuesday, December 19, Trimet public relations scam. Wedging Into Seats These people did not need to do this, there was no law or regulation, there was no omniscient being manipulating their actions, there was simply a desire to help out each other, each of us and our fellow citizens and even — what might have been — non-citizens.

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The union was involved there. Thursday, November 2, Trimet fare inspection procedure ruled unconstitutional in another district. Will they be more reliable?


Oregon State law provides uninterrupted breaks for all employees who are not exempt from the law. At the very least they need to give each operator a handful of passes to compensate riders that get ripped off by that rantings of a trimet bus http: Saturday, June 23, Calls June Tuesday, May 29, Dispatch Control May Trimet officials knew they couldn’t get the citizens to open their wallets.

Really really good drivers that care about people and really really bad ones that take every opportunity to screw with people. The first rxntings that caught my eye was on the bus ride out.