Netflix hack day project uses eye tracking to navigate its iOS app. If you want, you can hold your finger down on the Zoom key and tilt the phone forward to zoom in on a page. The motherboard, with the shields. Want to know the pieces that drive this phone or just want to know how to disassemble it? Software Though we would’ve preferred Jelly Bean, we don’t really mind Ice Cream Sandwich on a budget handset like this. At least in San Francisco, where we conducted our testing, we enjoyed a pretty solid signal.

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However, we can’t help but feel a little cheated — the international version of the L9 boasts a better-specced 4.

That’s the biggest complaint here, with the rest of the experience being fairly simple to deal with, and easily customizable.

LG Optimus L9 – Wikipedia

And the bottom speaker: On paper, that’s not a huge jump, but your eyes can definitely tell the difference. A slightly raised, oblong Home button at the bottom is the only thing that punctuates the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 front, with the Back and Menu keys under the glass on the touchscreen, and dark until you tap them.

It even has the same button layout, with a physical home button flanked by capacitive back and menu keys. Also handy is the QuickMemo feature that lets you snap an image of the screen, write on it, and then share it.

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And while the performance didn’t blow us away, it’s more than good enough for everyday tasks like browsing the web, checking email and playing the occasional game. Any questions just ask. The motherboard, with the shields. The female Jack connector is not soldered at all! It works well enough when you’re using it that way, but when you’re just entering text the old-fashioned way, it can be finicky and imprecise.

This was my first smart phone. Though we would’ve preferred Jelly Bean, we don’t really mind Ice Cream Sandwich on a budget handset like this. When we turned this on, call quality improved slightly — there was, perhaps, a little less static 7p60 but not enough that our callers noticed.

The Optimus L9 isn’t totally without merit. No auto adjustment of backlight, for me to strong light on minimum so that it was too bright for reading in the evening. It’s almost identical to the L7, with its chrome trim and piano-black, Gorilla Glass-coated face. The camera UI here should be familiar gl anyone who’s previously owned an LG smartphone.

As you might expect, the camera works best under bright sunlight, but even then, colors are rather lackluster. Not a bad phone at all. All told, the boxy shape struck us as boring at first, but we were ultimately won over by the phone’s dapper design. Want to know the pieces that drive this phone or just want to know how to disassemble it?

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LG Optimus L9 P – Full phone specifications

But is it a good buy? Nestled inside the textured back cover are a square 5-megapixel camera lens and an LED flash. We’ll admit we think UI 3. It’s only drawback is it’s lack of storage memory.

The front of the device is sleek and glossy, although the LG and T-Mobile logos at the top under the glass detract a bit from that. T-Mobile’s influence on the L9 is immediately apparent as soon as you start up the phone — you’ll find a lt wallpaper and widgets as you flip through the seven home screens. The battery has a capacity of mAh. The good news is that this phone feels more like a mid-range smartphone, which is nice since the L7 felt like the bottom-range phone it was meant to be.

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What can i do to start this phone? In general I was very happy.

I have 1 week to take my choice so. Now, to access to the motherboard and to the connectors, you are at 7 screws from it! Not that bad but it runs out quite quickly good point: Before removing the lower card, let’s remove the two little screws and p76 cache hiding the micro USB port.