Contact Download Donate Home. The competitor is entitled to three minutes of preparation time from the moment he is called to the ready box. ALES competitions are run to a variety of local rules but the usual format is to be found here. Click the Comp Setup tab above for details. When finished, your competition setup screen will look something like this screen shot. What Notebook Should I Buy?

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It seems to think that headphones are plugged in, but they not.

Choices for each task selected Scoring Rules and making the Draw become available. If possible, the starting area, including the audio system, shall be situated in the middle of the course equal distance from Base A and Base B. The F3J series has a known sound issue, where the asux dj has to be replaced. See how to setup a competition by copying from an existing competition. It is not necessary to use this function to change a pilot’s team.

The result of the flight is stated ajdio the time in seconds and hundredths of seconds obtained by each competitor.

F3F setup for Taranis and Horus

Pilot Import – File Specifications File type: Pilots can be entered directly by reference to the Pilots table Pilot Entryor pilots can be imported into a competition from a file Pilot Import. Find More Posts by glen4cindy. Variation of geometry or area is allowed only if it is actuated at distance by radio f3. Generally, if scores are to be discarded, it is the worst Task score from each task that f3v discarded.

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Asus Z Tuf issue?

One or two time recording columns will be provided. Not available where there is one group per round F3F, F5B. Pilot Details None – do not copy pilot details All Pilots – copy all pilots to the new competition Pilots for FlyOff – copy just the top pilots Some setup details need to be changed for fly-off competitions.

Select a pilot on the right the pilot to be replaced by the first pilot.

The number of lanes is to be specified. Pilot Entry using the Pilots table Select pilots on the left, and double click or use the arrow key to move them into the competition Pilots Available can be filtered on last name.


F3RES – tick Duration. The diving turn at exit of Base B is typical of how F3F pilots execute the turns with sustained energy.

To view a setup video for your favourite competition, click on one of the links on the side menu. A flight is official when an attempt is carried out, whatever result is obtained. Find More Posts by dietz.


F3F | ASUS Global

Particularly suitable for smaller F3K and F5J competitions where there are no teams and two or audik groups per round is chosen. If possible, the model aircraft can stay airborne and has to be brought to launching height, launching speed and launching position before the new 30 second period is started by the judge.

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Arrived prompt, no problems at all. The organiser shall run as many rounds as conditions and time permit. The competitor may combine the parts of the models between the rounds provided the resulting model used for flight conforms to the rules and that the parts have been checked before the ajdio of the contest. Find More Posts by glen4cindy.


Otherwise, the only choice is ‘Drop worst Task score’. Please enter the text in the following text field. It might be a driver issue and another user suggested I run WU because doing that fixed audip audio issue. The starting order is settled by draw in accordance with the radio frequencies used.